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Our professional services are based on a data driven approach building on successful case studies, best industry practices and benchmarks from a wide array of industries to design a corporate strategy to accomplish your business and social and environmental goals.

Carbon Market & Carbon Finance Solutions

We provide tangible solutions for a trading system through which countries may buy or sell units of greenhouse-gas emissions to meet emission targets. Carbon Finance Solutions is a system established to promote change towards low-carbon economies that are more resilient to global economic and climatic disruptions.

Innovative Carbon Financing Solutions

We help in development of Financing of innovative projects that bring sustainable energy solutions to people living in developing countries worldwide by using a system that places a financial value on carbon emissions and allows companies to buy carbon credits earned from these sustainable projects.

Carbon Reduction

We provide planning for a comprehensive project that aims to help reduce or mitigate Greenhouse Gas Emissions and decrease a country or economy’s carbon footprint. Preparation and designing involves focusing on factors such as initial cost, return on investment (ROI), actual reduction and emissions reduction efficiency.

Validation, Verification and Monitoring Services

ERS focuses to provide a systematic check and review of the project or scheme against an international standard, mostly the VCS (Verified Carbon Standard – An international program that ensures the integrity, quality, credibility and transparency of the CO2 emissions reduction Projects).

Carbon Market Intelligence

We Analysis and navigate the trends and patterns in the Carbon market allowing companies to better understand the risk of its carbon trades and trade ahead of the curve. Includes data such as power generation figures and hedging quotas, which helps forecast carbon prices globally.

Climate Change Policy and Implementation Support

Climate change policy support entails devising policies and action plans in compliance with Paris Climate Agreement and other international treaties. We support governments and international bodies in undertaking policy assessments, impact evaluation and policy support mechanisms towards sustainable development.

Innovative Financing Mechanisms for Mitigation and Adaptation

Climate change action is now being supported through a range of innovative financing mechanisms including climate finance. We offer services in advising and strategy development, modelling for investment opportunities in mitigating the business risks of climate regulation, enabling new revenue sources and ensuring long-term business security. In addition, support to countries in designing bankable projects and programs in compliance with eligibility and investment criteria of international climate finance institutions. Our multi-disciplinary teams help to identify most suitable and concessional financing opportunities and develop mitigation and adaptation projects in full compliance with international requirements.

NetZero (Science-Based-Solutions)

Net Zero Pakistan is a national collaboration between pioneering companies, public institutions, and sectoral experts to deliver the goal of net zero carbon for Pakistan by 2050. The coalition will establish the roadmap and framework through which Pakistan’s private sector can accelerate its sustainability transition and deliver this net zero goal.